We are a team of young British Muslims who quite frankly love food! Our vision is to create fun events for our fellow muslims because what else do we do? Work, pray and eat! Ok, maybe some football, cricket, afternoon tea with the girls, baking, cooking! Yes, it’s that same topic again, we simply LOVE FOOD!

We feel it is our opportunity to represent British muslims, for their family and friends to have a fun filled tasty experience. It is also a great opportunity for other cultures to come and get involved with us. We are looking to showcase Halal cuisines from all across the globe, including Asia, Africa, the Middle East and from the Western region too. Expect street food vendors, special guest chefs, influencers, your favourite Halal brands, live cooking demonstrations and entertainment for all ages.

We know what you’re thinking, this has been done before? You’re not wrong there! Our feeling is there are just not enough options closer to home. Manchester and Leicester are both multicultural cities to which we feel it is our opportunity to represent the Halal community!